Celebrating Over 50 Years of Travel, Travel by Ship & Travel Photography:
     A fierce, sudden, but flash sand storm was approching, at 10 in the morning, at the ancient ruins at Luxor in Egypt, when I snapped this photo.  The sands swirled madly, visibility dropped-off quickly and the sand snapped at your skin like little pin-pricks.   I remember we all closed our eyes, covered our mouths & stood still and waited.  But actually, we were somewhat experienced:  We'd already had a greater, more furious sand storm as our ship passed through the Suez Canal and one which caused our small cruise ship to briefly go aground.   
     We'd gotten up at 3:30, breakfast at 4 & then left the ship at Safaga by 4:30.  Yes, it was my earliest excursion ever.   We traveled by bus for well over 2 hours on a very desolate, almost lunar-like highway, and then reached Luxor & Karnak by 7.  There was a 3-hr visit, as I recall and which included the Valley of the Kings and Tutankamen's tomb, but then quickly back to the waiting ship by 1.  Purposely, we were avoiding the intense, mid afternoon heat of lower Egypt. 
The date is February 1979.


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