Celebrating Over 50 Years of Travel, Travel by Ship & Travel Photography:
     The clustered umbrellas at a beach near Amalfi in Italy.  
     There's something about "summer in the Med," as many call it -- those deep blue waters, endless stretches of sandy beaches, distant chatter & laughter and, of course, the faint smells of suntan oils & cremes.  It is all very casual:  lunch in umbrella-lined cafes, those crowded, over-stocked souvenir shops, strolling young lovers with tightly locked hands & arms.  For me, the sun seems stronger, deeper, even more yellow in the Med. 
     Yes, most of all, Italy  in high summer.  It is not quite the same, at least as I remember, in Spain or Greece, the French Riviera or even remote Albania.   I suppose it is also something to do with those highly stylized Hollywood films of the '50s & '60s -- that Italian romantic quality.  Neatly organized rows of colorful umbrellas line the shore as sleek, alluring yachts patiently wait at anchor and all while the ever-present church bells faintly sound from somewhere in the background.    
     It is a typically warm afternoon;  the date is August 1981.  I was visiting on a P&O cruise, aboard the Canberra.
 Umbrellas at the Beach


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