The World Ocean & Cruise Liner Society was founded by George Devol in 1980 when cruising was in its infancy. George's vision was to create an organization of people who had one common interest, the love of cruising. To meet that goal George introduced the society's now famous newsletter "Ocean & Cruise News".

     This 16-page monthly publication is one of, if not the, oldest continuously published cruise pieces in existence today. From its beginning in 1980 our newsletter is now distributed around the world and is even found in some libraries. It is distributed both in its original printed form, and also in a modern PDF format viewable on computers, tablets and cell phones.

      Today George has cut back his writing and only writes an occasional article for us leaving the job of Editor to Tom Cassidy a long time cruise enthusiast and former head of the Long Island Chapter of the Steamship Historical Society. The World Ocean & Cruise Liner Society boasts over 5000 members, from all walks of life, with one thing in common, a love of cruising. Some of our members date back to our inception in 1980 and have very extensive cruise resumes, others are new members just breaking into cruising and realizing they want more. Either way, they share a love of the sea.

     The society is proud to have a strong following in the travel agent community as well. While many consumers are now choosing to book directly with a cruise line, or use an online agency, we have witnessed the growth of the cruise industry over the years and realize it would not have happened if it weren't for the travel agent community. 

     Over the years we have also developed a strong relationship with most of the cruise lines and have made some life long friends with many of their former employees. Our writer Art Sbarsky was a former cruise line executive and his insights into cruising are second to none We are very proud to have him with us.

      If you love cruising, or just want to learn more before taking your first cruise, you have come to the right place. Thank you!



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  • $10 Credit on Maritime Prints by Stephen Card

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